Owen Berry

Solution Architect

Owen is a senior developer who uses his experience and diverse technical skills to deliver rock solid solutions. He possesses a deep understanding of the software development process, the importance of good design, and team communication. He is a big proponent of leveraging open source tools, frameworks, and Agile methodologies to deliver cost effective solutions for his clients. Owen has his BS in Computer Science from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Choice vacation: 

Cape Town, South Africa.

Dream-about meal: 

Really good lamb curry with rice.

Favorite at-work moment: 

When the customer expresses great appreciation for what we have done and is genuinely pleased with the end result (and when HS2 sent a box of ice cream, perfectly packaged with dry ice, to my 105-degree doorstep after the birth of my son).

A few favorite things: 

Reading, ice cream, good food, the solitude of being on top of a mountain so remote that you can hike for five days without seeing anyone, the sound of rain, crisp fall mornings, and biltong.

Java, JEE, Spring, JavaScript, C++, Perl, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Postgres, Web Applications, Thick Web Clients, Mobile Web Development