Zipcar is the world's leading car sharing network. The company provides an alternative to car ownership with vehicles available for reservation by the hour or by the day, and has been at the cutting edge of technology and transit solutions since it was founded in 2000 by two MIT graduates in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Currently operating in eight countries and more than 500 cities and towns, Zipcar selected HS2 in 2010 to become its trusted technology partner.

Working to enhance and empower Zipcar’s world-class engineering and marketing organizations, HS2 has performed a wide variety of tasks, including building Facebook applications, developing a Drupal content management platform that powers the company’s front-end website and blog, and working hand-in-hand with Zipcar’s engineering teams on their entire enterprise stack.

HS2 Solutions has been a trusted partner in enhancing our ‘wheels when you want them’ brand across a range of digital channels. They don’t just idly accept tasks; they put themselves in our shoes, providing advice and solutions that engage our digitally savvy members."

Andrew Daley, VP of Acquisition, Zipcar North America
  • Case Study: Drupal-Based Internet Platform

      HS2 has done many projects for Zipcar over the past several years to address numerous challenges related to the marketing “Presales” site and platform.

      After Zipcar’s acquisition of a Barcelona-based car sharing company, Zipcar needed to establish a rebranded online presence with a platform that supported multiple languages, with content that was easily maintainable by IT and Marketing. The platform also had to support easy expansion into new markets throughout Europe and Asia.

      The site would need the flexibility to evolve with Zipcar expansion and car sharing market changes to address new challenges, such as increasing member registration conversion, attracting new talent and increasing social sharing.


      In building the initial platform, HS2 Solutions leveraged our experience with interactive website development and complex content management systems to implement a Drupal-based Internet platform that serves Zipcar’s multilingual, content-driven needs. The platform was integrated with to provide Zipcar with a streamlined process for translating U.S. content to other countries, thus minimizing the effort required to manage global content.

      To improve registration conversions, HS2 Solutions created a multi-disciplinary team including analytics, UX, creative, and development. The team rapidly identified areas that caused potential members to “drop off” before becoming a member. The insights gained from this analysis led to a complete UX and creative redesign of the North America home page.

      We undertook a UX and development effort to completely redesign the “Careers” portion of the site to reflect the latest Zipcar culture and attract new talent to Zipcar. This solution was tied in with analytics to provide additional tracking and analysis for Zipcar.

      We collaborated with a creative agency Zipcar had engaged to design a blog for North America to increase social networking. To support the highly dynamic content of the blog, and to provide the marketing team with the tools they required, we integrated the Drupal platform with a third-party marketing content lifecycle management tool.


      The new, Drupal-based platform allows Zipcar to launch a website in a new country in a matter of days instead of months. Using this platform, Zipcar has expanded into six countries in EMEA: Spain, France, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany and Turkey. Marketing team members in all local markets now can easily manage their own content and tailor messaging to local needs, with content fully SEO-optimized to the locale.

      The North American home page, which we redesigned based on registration conversion analysis, led to a 7% increased rate of conversion of new member registrations.

      The “Careers” section continues to be used as a key recruiting tool for Zipcar in North America and Europe.

      And the Zipcar North America blog, Ziptopia, is now a key part of the company’s social networking strategy. The content presented in the blog and throughout the “Presales” site engages potential and existing members with relevant content, such as local stories.

  • Case Study: Joint Zipcar / HS2 Engineering Teams

      Zipcar had multiple internal engineering teams and vendor teams working on various strategic initiatives. While the teams were doing excellent work on their own, Zipcar was finding it difficult to “pull it all together” to ensure that Engineering was moving the technology toward a coordinated strategic vision.


      Building on our strong multi-year partnership, we worked together to implement a joint Zipcar/HS2 team structure for “general development teams.” The new teams combined engineers from both organizations to ensure excellent collaboration and communication on numerous strategic projects.

      HS2 has also put in place different communication channels, knowledge bases and collaboration sessions to ensure that we are able to leverage the institutional knowledge gained during our partnership with Zipcar.


      HS2 Solutions has key team members on seven Zipcar engineering teams. They assist with multiple strategic Zipcar initiatives, including new “instant join” functionality, iOS application, implementation of new technologies, and integration with new outside vendor platforms.

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