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Founded in 1914 and headquartered in Chicago, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has been at the forefront of sports equipment innovation for more than 100 years. Wilson, one of the most recognized names in the industry, invents, designs, and engineers game-changing products using state-of-the-art technology as well as input from a 10,000-member advisory staff comprised of top youth, college, amateur, and professional athletes and organizations from around the world. The company’s commitment to innovation includes digitally connected, socially sharable, and highly customizable products.

HS2 partnered with Wilson to implement the tools and technology necessary to transform a traditional transactional eCommerce site to an "experiential commerce" platform that allows Wilson to stand apart in the highly competitive sports marketplace.

  • Case Study: Wilson ReDesign & RePlatform

      In today’s competitive online retail space, it is no longer just about shopping, it's about telling a great story to your target audience and connecting them to the brand in a way that matches customer expectations. Wilson® Sporting Goods was committed to providing a highly engaging experience known as Experiential Commerce that replicates the shopping experience consumers expect from a brick-and-mortar store, where they leave with an emotional allegiance to the brand and product in their hands. Wilson is one of many brands owned by the French company Amer Sports. Amer oversees all of the eCommerce systems for all of its brands. Wilson is its own ecosystem amongst the others and the original design of our architecture had to fit within the greater Amer Sports eCommerce architecture. The CMS for each of Wilson's brands was built with a different system. Wilson, for example, was built with Alterian. As brands were acquired, they each brought their own systems for the CMS, but each of the four systems was leveraging Magento as the eCommerce engine. The Wilson design came to life with a unique approach to development combining Drupal and Magento and the success they have seen thus far with a platform that supports their global family of brands.


      Wilson's Agency of Record Phenomenom provided us with a strong strategic design as shown here in the comps on the right. The designs were much more complex than they appeared and there were a lot of gaps to fill for how we would implement it in a scalable way for the enture family of brands (slugger.com, atecsports.com and demarini.com). The final solution architecture, illustrated here shows the left side representing the functionality in Drupal, and the right side shows the functionality in Magento. The glue between the systems is the connector. It uses what we call a "Blended Solution." Drupal/Varnish handles the display all of the pages except for the Account and Shopping Cart pages where the content is called directly from Magento. Each system does what it does best: Drupal for content management and display, Magento for the management of the product catalog and eCommerce, and Varnish for caching. This gave us the flexibility to get fancy with content that integrates with Product data on all of the page types.


      This new platform gives Wilson® and the entire family of brands the ability to quickly launch and support multiple marketing campaigns with tight deadlines. Wilson now has the ability to easily generate buzz about a new product, allow for pre-ordering and ultimately release a product into the store without the need for code releases or platform updates. With the design of the new CMS, Wilson® has found efficiencies in creating new content for the web and incorporating it into their global design workflow.

      Additionally, we are excited to announce that HS2 Solutions and its partner, Wilson Sporting Goods, have won the Commerce Platform Site of the Year Award from Acquia Engage. The new wilson.com platform was one of four finalists in this category. Team members Chris Greatens, Solution Architect and Drupal Practice Lead, and Lesley Guthrie, Director of UI, were speakers at this two-day event, sharing the details of the build, from design to launch.

  • Case Study: #MYWILSON Campaign

      In the summer of 2015, the Wilson brand was about to be reintroduced to the world. The marketing team at Wilson—in partnership with its creative agency, Phenomenon—had developed a multi-channel marketing campaign known as #MYWILSON, which highlights the unique relationship that athletes at all levels have with their equipment. Watch Video.

      The campaign was going to involve a significant online and offline investment by Wilson, with an entirely new branding effort that had been developed. Unfortunately, the centerpiece of the Wilson online environment, Wilson.com, was in the middle of a rebuild and replatform project that would not be complete for many months. Unless an alternative plan was determined, customers engaging with the campaign would not have a complete experience once they arrived at the website.


      Knowing that time was of the essence, HS2 proposed a solution that would allow the delivery of a new look and feel for key areas of the Wilson website but not derail the replatform project. HS2 worked with the Wilson technology team to develop a seamless way to integrate the new branding with its existing ecommerce infrastructure.


      In just over one month, HS2 Solutions stood up an entirely new responsive platform that integrated with the legacy ecommerce infrastructure but implemented a completely new visual design and user experience. Users arriving at Wilson.com could not only see the new branding but also become active participants in the #MYWILSON campaign. Users could submit their own videos and photos using Wilson equipment and then be featured in a quilt that was generated in realtime from moderated social networking channels.

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