Our work is our passion

The goal of providing feedback is to create a better experience and resolve a problem. Because everyone interprets messages differently, use that starting point to your advantage. “So, what are your thoughts?”
Who doesn't want to make a difference in other people’s lives while also maintaining productivity? By improving your Emotional Intelligence, this seemingly impossible feat can be a reality!
HS2 celebrates the receipt of the Chicago Tribune's 2017 Top Work Places award. This is the second consecutive year for winning the paper's prestigious callout, recognizing the best companies to work for in the Chicagoland area. Award winners are credited with having dynamic, supportive, and inclusive company cultures.  
Earlier this month, Brett Birschbach, HS2's Solutions Architect, was asked to join Peter Nash and Joey Smith on their Adobe Experience Podcast to discuss HS2's contribution to the Shared Component Properties feature in ACS AEM Commons. 
As I talk to and engage with healthcare executives, one point is clear: They all want to change how to interact with their patients (customers).  Sure, some of that is driven by a want and need to increase revenue (yes, hospitals are businesses, too) and to increase loyalty thereby keeping patients in their networks. However, I can also definitively say that these healthcare executives truly care about the patients and the experiences they provide.

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