Campaign Management Platforms go by many names these days depending on their depth and breadth of functionality. We hear them referred to as Enterprise Marketing Solutions, Marketing Management Platforms, Omni-Channel Orchestration Tools, Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platforms and Marketing Automation Tools, to name a few.
By making tweaks to Xcode on a recent client project, HS2’s David Rogers shares how he simplified the build process and increased confidence that our dev builds would more accurately mirror our production builds.
Today we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with an exploration into how building empathy is fundamental to improving our approach to web accessibility.
Why you should care about vertical rhythm and modular scale, define them, and a demonstration on how to integrate them into your next project.
As part of the leadership track at the 2018 O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in New York City in February, HS2's Seth Dobbs presented a tutorial on shaping and communicating architectural decisions.

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