Communication is often considered a secondary or “soft” skill, especially for technical people. We can believe that the brilliance of our ideas and completeness of our solutions are enough to win the day. Unfortunately this is simply not true; good communication skills are essential to the success of anyone working in a collaborative environment.
You’ve probably heard the story of the blind men and the elephant. Each of the blind men grabs a different part of the elephant. The guy with the tail thinks an elephant is like a rope. The guy with the leg thinks the elephant is like a tree. I can appreciate their confusion.
Phil Hollyer, co-founder and CEO of HS2 Solutions, was honored at the 2018 C-Suite Awards hosted by the Daily Herald Business Ledger. The C-Suite Awards recognize top C-level executives who contribute to the success of the Chicago region’s economic growth and stability.
The sales team has exciting news: they scored that coveted customer in Canada. The challenge: they are in Quebec, so now your website needs to be available in French. Your mission, and you must accept it, is to ensure legal compliance by releasing a French version of the website. How hard can that be? In truth, it can be very hard. Très difficile.
With help from high-profile initiatives like Microsoft’s Inclusive Design and a 16 percent increase in ADA Title III lawsuits in 2017[1], web accessibility has steadily been rising to the forefront of designers’ and developers’ minds. So what do you need to know to better understand the current landscape?

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