The time has come to upgrade your Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) instances. Maybe Adobe Managed Services (AMS) is encouraging you to update to remain on a supported version. Maybe your on-premise instances are several versions behind and you need/want to upgrade in order to get performance improvements and/or new features. Maybe you just have a lot of free time on your hands and you really enjoy software patching (really?).
Editor’s Note: Brian will be presenting “Dealing with the Limitations of Gatsby Source Drupal” at Decoupled Drupal Days in New York on August 18, which elaborates on a number of the concepts outlined in this post.
Design 4 Drupal is unique among Drupal conferences in that it focuses exclusively on design, business, and user experience topics. While other Drupal camps and conferences cover these front-end adjacent topics, they are typically are not the exclusive focus.
Firms combine to offer more robust service offerings, digital experiences to clients
In an effort to showcase the digital experience possibilities that can result when you successfully bridge the gap between development and design, four presenters from HS2 Solutions are participating in Design 4 Drupal in Boston.

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