Design 4 Drupal is unique among Drupal conferences in that it focuses exclusively on design, business, and user experience topics. While other Drupal camps and conferences cover these front-end adjacent topics, they are typically are not the exclusive focus.
Firms combine to offer more robust service offerings, digital experiences to clients
In an effort to showcase the digital experience possibilities that can result when you successfully bridge the gap between development and design, four presenters from HS2 Solutions are participating in Design 4 Drupal in Boston.
In a preview to his talk at Adobe IMMERSE’18, Ali Moussa explains how Adobe Experience Manager has powerful underlying searching capabilities that can be leveraged to make site searches more robust and return the results that customers are seeking.
HS2 Solutions announces two big wins with Adobe. HS2 software engineers took home top honors of the AEM Community Code Contest, and HS2 also has five people presenting at the upcoming Adobe IMMERSE conference, more than any other agency.

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