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As I talk to and engage with healthcare executives, one point is clear: They all want to change how to interact with their patients (customers).  Sure, some of that is driven by a want and need to increase revenue (yes, hospitals are businesses, too) and to increase loyalty thereby keeping patients in their networks. However, I can also definitively say that these healthcare executives truly care about the patients and the experiences they provide.
In today’s world of ever-accelerating innovation, nimble challengers spring up and disrupt business overnight. Keeping pace with the competition and ensuring long-term market relevance can be a daunting task. The one certain in a thick of uncertainty is that the decision to harness the power of digital to drive business results and ensure long-term market relevance is no longer a question of if, but a question of how.
Vendor Landscape includes HS2 as one of 57 biggest and most important digital experience service providers.
Psst! I can teach you a fail-proof way to lift your open rate to well above 50%, allowing you to produce some pretty spectacular trending charts and impress your marketing stakeholders. What's more: you can begin seeing results with your very next campaign. What marketing magic can accomplish this amazing feat? It's easy. Simply redefine your audience to include only those who have opened your emails in the past 3 to 6 months.
RTB. Great, that’s all the digital media world needs is another acronym. But here we are with the newest, upgraded if you will, form of online auction display advertising called Real-Time Bidding, a form of programmatic buying that’s changing the rules of the display campaign game.

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