Campaign Management Platforms go by many names these days depending on their depth and breadth of functionality. We hear them referred to as Enterprise Marketing Solutions, Marketing Management Platforms, Omni-Channel Orchestration Tools, Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platforms and Marketing Automation Tools, to name a few.
While there's no easy formula to deciding when to use which medium and how frequently, we offer tips from the projects we've spearheaded and the results we've seen.
Developing and implementing an analytics framework and an associated digital marketing strategy helps lay a solid foundation for building superior, complex digital experiences for B2B brands. And, it can be implemented quickly without enormous cash outlays.
Investing in the purchase and configuration of an enterprise technology platform is a significant investment for any company. When you find yourself in this situation, the important thing is to focus on maximizing the value that you get from your investment.
A ubiquitous and engaging shopping experience can distinguish your brand. But there’s an art and science to creating an experience that is simultaneously succinct and immersive.

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