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Availability, adaptability, and lucidity are key goals for any designer. Nothing is more rewarding than the ability to create a digital experience that transcends cultural, linguistic, and societal boundaries. As such, one of the most exciting challenges is to design a system that is able to scale and be accessed across multiple regions, countries, and languages.
Change: It’s a frightening word. Anyone who says she isn’t afraid is likely not telling the whole truth. The difference between a person who runs from change and a person who embraces it, is bravery. Change is all around us, all the time. It envelops the news, politics, the environment, our personal lives, and our professions. As an interactive designer, I've experienced it first hand: Change is not only at work, it also lives in the work.
Design Studios are becoming very popular for a reason: They are ways that small teams can quickly come together, identify problems, and co-design a solution. One of the most important factors to a successful Design Studio is having a good facilitator who keeps the team moving forward together. Below are five suggestions for facilitating your next effective Design Studio:  
Design is an ever-changing landscape and this year proves to be no exception! In anticipation of what’s in store, we’ve taken the time to evaluate and synthesize today’s top design trends so you don’t have to!  

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