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One of the challenges faced by architects and tech leads is getting buy-in on their approach from their development team. Often, a process and strategy for communicating solutions can help alleviate this pain point.
Earlier this month, Brett Birschbach, HS2's Solutions Architect, was asked to join Peter Nash and Joey Smith on their Adobe Experience Podcast to discuss HS2's contribution to the Shared Component Properties feature in ACS AEM Commons. 
Scott Weston, HS2's Solution Architect and Acquia Certified Drupal Grand Master, was a featured speaker this week at DrupalCon Vienna. His session, Building Efficiencies into Your Drupal Practice, covered several key concepts to build a profitable and efficient Drupal practice. If you're interesting in understanding what skills and processes are necessary to build Drupal solutions faster, smarter, and better, his session is now available in full. Great job, Scott!
Scott Weston is slated to speak at DrupalCon Vienna.
Have you ever asked the question, “How do we help more developers be like Bill, so Bill doesn’t have to review every last piece of code put into the system?”  Most likely, Bill is your best guy: He’s your tech lead, the alpha geek (and proud of it)!

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