Our work is our passion

Have you ever asked the question, “How do we help more developers be like Bill, so Bill doesn’t have to review every last piece of code put into the system?”  Most likely, Bill is your best guy: He’s your tech lead, the alpha geek (and proud of it)!
Last year, DrupalCon New Orleans was an exciting time for component-based theming in the Drupal community.
Earlier this year, I was a guest speaker at O'Reilly's Software Architecture Conference in New York where I spoke about Designing for Consumption. I discussed how modern web and mobile applications have read/write ratios that are far different than when many of the underlying technologies and architectural patterns were first developed.
Drupal 8 brings with it some sophisticated tools and functionality that make it an amazing content management system right out-of-the-box. But sometimes the default functionality doesn’t give you exactly what you need for your website's business requirements. But don’t despair! With Drupal 8's Symfony underpinnings, we can easily modify Drupal’s default functionality to meet our needs.
If there’s one item that doesn't change from project to project, it’s timelines and budgets. So how do we manage the growing complexity of development and testing within the constraints of time and budget? In this article, I’m going to share some tips that will help you embrace the constraints of your projects while testing in mobile browsers.

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