With help from high-profile initiatives like Microsoft’s Inclusive Design and a 16 percent increase in ADA Title III lawsuits in 2017[1], web accessibility has steadily been rising to the forefront of designers’ and developers’ minds. So what do you need to know to better understand the current landscape?
In an effort to showcase the digital experience possibilities that can result when you successfully bridge the gap between development and design, four presenters from HS2 Solutions are participating in Design 4 Drupal in Boston.
Today we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with an exploration into how building empathy is fundamental to improving our approach to web accessibility.
HS2’s VP of Experience Design Amanda Ruzin and VP of Engineering Seth Dobbs don’t always agree, but communicate with purpose and the end-goal in mind. More takeaways from their talk at the IA Summit.
When design and engineering teams communicate poorly, projects can become challenging and the end result could be negatively affected. One way to change that dynamic is to create a standardized vocabulary and culture of inquiry between both competencies.

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