Our work is our passion

I was recently perusing the new books section at my local library when something caught my eye:  Deep Work by Professor Cal Newport. My initial interest in the book was that it promised to teach me about the impact of social networking and digital media on our society, brain health, and the social and developmental health of our children.
Crain's Chicago Business recognizes HS2 Solutions as one of the Fast 50 in Chicago. 
Have you ever asked the question, “How do we help more developers be like Bill, so Bill doesn’t have to review every last piece of code put into the system?”  Most likely, Bill is your best guy: He’s your tech lead, the alpha geek (and proud of it)!
Last year, DrupalCon New Orleans was an exciting time for component-based theming in the Drupal community.
Earlier this year, I was a guest speaker at O'Reilly's Software Architecture Conference in New York where I spoke about Designing for Consumption. I discussed how modern web and mobile applications have read/write ratios that are far different than when many of the underlying technologies and architectural patterns were first developed.

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