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Today we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with an exploration into how building empathy is fundamental to improving our approach to web accessibility.
HS2 Solutions announces two big wins with Adobe. HS2 software engineers took home top honors of the AEM Community Code Contest, and HS2 also has five people presenting at the upcoming Adobe IMMERSE conference, more than any other agency.
Developing and implementing an analytics framework and an associated digital marketing strategy helps lay a solid foundation for building superior, complex digital experiences for B2B brands. And, it can be implemented quickly without enormous cash outlays.
As the calendar turned 2018 and the 2nd annual Adobe Summit AEM Rock Star competition rolled out, HS2 Solutions developers got busy submitting a host of our latest innovations to Kaushal Mall and Darin Kuntze at Adobe.
The rise in Drupal 8 installations has brought with it an increased need for environment-based Drupal configurations. In 2018, there were 241,000 Drupal 8 sites up from 159,000 Drupal 8 sites in 2017, representing a 51 percent increase year over year, according to Dries Buytaert.
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