• Leveraging technology and intelligence

    Leveraging Technology and Intelligence to Drive Results

    In the fast-paced digital world, we combine analytical insight with smart engineering to help your business build a successful online presence.

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  • Working at the Intersection of Internet Technologies and Marketing

    We unite interactive marketing with internet technology to give your customers a seamless experience, any time, anywhere.

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  • Enabling Higher Velocity Through Strategic Partnerships

    We immerse ourselves in your business to immediately improve your velocity and deliver results.

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Zipcar came to HS2 Solutions looking for a partner who could build a high-profile Facebook app in a short amount of time. Read how we did it.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet our Team

There are no big org charts, red tape, or tight job descriptions here—just a marketing savvy, technically proficient team rallying to create engaging digital experiences for your company. Meet the innovators behind our digital solutions.